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The Daily Show - March 27th, 2014

Women’s History Month: Pay Inequality

During the opening of Jon Stewart’s segment on The Daily Show, he shows a clip of President Obama expressing his dislike for women’s inequality compared to the men today. He states that on average, women earn $.77 for every $1 that a man earns. Obama voices his “frustration” for this issue and says that congress needs to act on this. Stewart’s response was very blatant that he wasn’t buying it and says “of course they won’t.” He also says that “in his experience, he thinks they’re a******s and that he can’t stand some that are in his own party. 

He also shows a segment of Susan Patton being on these different news channels explaining her new book. In her book, she says that “women should find a husband in college” and also to “be married and have kids at a young age.” Right off the bat, when she was asked by the news reporter how she feels about women’s inequality, she says that she doesn’t know because she’s not a white house expert. Of course, that wasn’t taken well by Stewart. He and his senior women’s issue correspondent, Kristen Schaal, mock her heavily. Schaal makes so much fun of her and her book that she reads it to little children and tries to sarcastically teach them to do what Patton says. 

Both Stewart and Schaal see no improvement to the issue and definitely can’t see any future improvements based upon Obama and Patton’s take on it. 

The Daily Show - January 23rd, Roger Ross Williams

Upon his visit to Jon Stewart’s The Daily Showfilm director Roger Ross Williams gained a lot of critical acclaim for his latest film God Loves Uganda. The film was about all of the anti-homosexual laws that were being carried out in Uganda and Williams had felt as if North America had a big influence on why Uganda was they way it is right now. In the film, it showed the raw nature of citizens in Uganda being penalized for their sexuality and sometimes, it would cost them their life. 

Roger Ross Williams was invited to be a guest on The Daily Show and explain and describe his thought process while directing this God Loves Uganda. As usual, Stewart welcomes his guest with a warm, respectable welcome. He always speaks highly of the guest and never once does he ever insult his guest. Me personally, I like how Stewart is well informed on what issues his guest brings to the table and he is always ready to ask a good question for the guest. For example, when Williams told him about how he found out that America was behind Uganda making anti-gay laws, Stewart asked him loaded questions like “how did you get involved” and “what were his motives behind making this movie?” 

I like The Daily Show and I like Jon Stewart as a host. He knows how to carry out a good show while incorporating humor and intelligence about the news of today.